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Our areas of expertise are:​


– Lifestyle

– Beauty


– Web

What we do

Creating authentic online & offline content that inspires engagement and provoks action.

Content Strategy

We pride ourselves formulating engaging content for your online presence (website, landing pages, social media) and offline presence (billboards, building signage, flyers, and vehicles).

Brand Identity

Your 1st impression matters! Have you taken time to go the DNA of your brand? Lets work together to create your Graphic Chart, logo design, fonts, visuals, and other brand identifiers that distinguish you from the masses.

Web Design

Drive high-intent traffic to your website through well designed pages, funnels, landing pages, and cover content that converts.



Pull your target into your world with your background story and your copywriting style.


If a picture tells a thousand words, then the right photos and video can either set your brand up to be sticky and draw people in at first sight, or repel them before you have had a chance to engage them. 


Think of us as your strategic planning partner that align your business and your marketing goals with your target audience behaviors. We’ll help you achieve your business goals through paid media.

Our name OKN MEDIA is formed with 2 words from the Arawak language:

OKA”  (Message) and “KANEN(To Continue My Story). Our motto is to create…

the right message

 to continue your story


Why we are different

We take a look at our clients’ current situation, their desires, and where they want to go.

With our combined 20 years of experience in the marketing space and our multicultural approach we help our clients craft a compelling story and create a message that is memorable, shareable, move their clientele to engage and take action!


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